My name is Leslie Archer and I am an abstract artist working and living in Washington, D.C.  I have been surrounded by design my entire life.  My family is filled with accomplished and talented artists, designers and photographers.  I decided to take a different path, receiving my MBA and working for a think tank in Washington, D.C. for over two decades.  However, the calling for the arts was never silenced in me.  Spending most of my free time with a paint brush in hand, my body of work has grown and can now be found in private collections throughout the United States, Europe and now Asia!  

My work evolved into scaled gallery art that is never fully defined, leaving the vision to be completed by those appreciating it.  My love of nature is the impetus for the fluidity, motion and layering found in my work. 

Current pieces can be found in my Washington, D.C. studio, as well as

Brook Taylor Interiors Bethesda, MD

Elizabeth Gray (@elizabethgrayva) Richmond, VA

G&G Interiors in Knoxville, TN

G&G Interiors in Nashville, TN

Hickory Chair Showroom in High Point, NC

Pure Home Collections in Frederick, MD   

Suites at Market Square M-2022 in HighPoint, NC